We understand various stages of entrepreneurship and the needs of entrepreneurs.
Our services are designed to meet the needs of just not our student entrepreneurs, but also seasoned, serial entrepreneurs.


For aspiring entrepreneurs.

Helps them to understand what it takes to become an entrepreneur


For entrepreneurs with ideas.

Helps them to sharpen their idea pool into a business model


For entrepreneurs with business plan.

Helps them to develop an idea into a working prototype



For entrepreneurs with product.

Helps them move from a working protype to a paying customer


For entrepreneurs looking to scale.

Helps them move from a few customers to capturing market


For entrepreneurs looking for funding.

Guides them through various investment models and options available for deserving entrepreneurs

Ecosystem Partners

Ecosysem partners are our backbone. They offer valuable products, services, advise and handhold the incubated companies. Here is a list of carefully curated partners that go out of their way to support our budding entreprenuers.

We are actively exploring various partnership opportunities. Please write to us at