We know and appreciate the difficulties of entreprenuership journey.
Our programs are curated and designed by innovators and entreprenuers who have walked that hard path.

Pre-Incubation Program (Summer 2021 Cohort)

Have you been thinking about an idea? Or thinking about starting up? Do you have team? Then, look no further.

AIC Anna Incubator is seeking applications for its pre-incubation program (Summer 2021 cohort)

This is a 10 weeks program for students & faculty from any college, and professionals, who are serious about starting up.

During this 10 weeks, we will walk you through various steps of starting up. Our team of experts, professors, mentors who have walked the path of starting up will enlighten you and guide you in shaping your idea.

This program is delivered virtually though online meetings. You and your co-founders will be participating in this program from the comfort of your home. You will have online sessions, workshops and activities. There will be weekly deliverables and deadlines.

The ultimate goal of this program is to help you understand and internalise the steps to Develop your idea into a Prototype, Validate Customers, Build a Business Model, and Incorporate your idea into a successful venture. Successful teams may further get an opportunity to get incubated

If you are student team, then, you are free to submit this work as your mini-project or final-year project.

Only a limited set of teams will get into this program based on the strength and viability of your idea, potential market, team capabilities, and willingness to commit your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

for Pre-Incubation Program (Summer 2021 Cohort)

  • The duration of this program is 10 weeks from the date of commencement.

    Each week you will have a minimum of 8 hours of session. And you will have to spend the rest of the time building your startup idea /prototype. Signup only if you can dedicate your heart, mind and time into this 10 weeks program.

  • Nobody said entrepreneurship is easy.

    If you are a student, still in college and aspiring to be an entrepreneur, you will have to balance your time for studies and your startup. A lot of student entrepreneurs have proved that it is possible to startup while in college

    That is why, it is important to apply for this program as a team. If you are convinced about starting up while in college, you should start looking out for your co-founders.

  • All students, faculty, alumni and professionals who are aspiring to become an entrepreneur are eligible for this program. Anyone can apply, including those from Anna University campuses, constituent colleges and affiliated colleges.

  • Your application will be reviewed based on the problem you are trying to solve, potential of the idea, market, viability, and the capability of the team to build a prototype within the pre-incubation duration. Filtered applicants will also be required to make a presentation before the selection panel.

  • The program fee is Rs. 10,000/- per person. However, it is offered at a discounted cost of Rs. 5,000/- per person to the selected teams. The participants can use the pre-incubation space during the program.

    In addition, all the costs required to build your idea into a prototype including any materials, hardware, software or any other tools must be taken care by the participants.

  • The intent of the program is to support you through the steps of entrepreneurship journey; not to become yet another Certificate Course.

    You and your team spending time on your idea, building prototype, gaining insights, being guided by our team and mentors are the real value provided by this program.

    A certificate of celebration will be provided ONLY to the teams who attend all the sessions, complete all the deliverables and fully participate in the entire program.

    If you are looking for some kind of formal "Certificate" to advance your career, you are better off applying for "Entrepreneurship Courses" offered by some leading Universities.

  • With the COVID situation in mind, this program is entirely delivered through virtual mode. However, depending on the government regulations, the pre-incubation space will made available to the participants.

    There will be weekly sessions, workshops and assignments. Attending the online sessions, participating in discussions, and submitting assignments is vital to continuing in the program and eventually in your startup venture.

  • Unfortunately No. Having a co-founder is a must to getting getting selected into the program. We also expect you and your co-founders as a team to participate. Having a team of people with diverse set of skills will not only help you solve the problems creatively, but also help you to share the workload.

    It is recommended to have at least 2 co-founders.

  • Absolutely. There could have been so many reasons for not getting through.

    You may worked on your idea during this time and may have a better pitch. You might also have have pivoted and may have a better idea this time. So, Please go ahead and apply.

  • Unless you intend to leave your full-time job sometime soon to start-up, this program is not suitable for employed individuals.

    Also, if you are employed in a company as a full-time employee, you are governed by your company's policies on code-of-conduct and non-compete. Policy for allowing employees to participate in such incubation programs vary. Hence you must consult with your human resources team or management team immediately.

    If you are serious about starting-up, go ahead and apply; but, if you are looking for some certificate to advance your career, you are better off applying for "Entrepreneurship Courses" offered by some leading Universities.

  • Yes, You can. In fact you will benefit from the program, the content, the discussions, the network and the fun of working together as a cohort.

    At the same time, remember, certain parts of this program are meant for first-time entrepreneurs.

  • Sure, this program is aimed at helping startup founders to succeed. If you believe you will benefit from this program, please go ahead and apply.

  • Not at all. This is a precursor to our incubation program. Hence, you don’t have to give equity while attending this pre-incubation program.

  • Unless otherwise you have strong network that knows your credentials and capabilities, or you are a successful serial entrepreneur, it is very difficult to get funding during early stages.

    However, if we find your solution to be an investible idea, we shall provide access to our angel and venture network. During this stage, we shall also direct you to certain funding / grant options for you to apply.

    Hence be prepared to bootstrap your idea into a prototype during this program.

  • When you complete this pre-incubation program successfully, you will get a direct entry into pitching in front of our "Incubation Committee".

    If you are able to convince our committee, you get a chance to be incubated at AIC-Anna Incubator. However, you are free to pitch your startup to any other incubator during this period.

  • If you are a student or faculty, and if selected, you may be required provide an approval letter from your institute or management.

    Current AICTE and MHRD policies encourage and support aspiring students and faculty to startup. Link: National Innovation and Startup Policy 2019 for Students & Faculty